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Our academics is based on the philosophy of teaching that can be related to real life and meets the standards of twenty first century skills.
We follow the CBSE syllabus which empowers the school in enabling the students to realize their holistic potential in the learning process. Learning is made a joyful experience by a team of dynamic and dedicated faculty members who love children and transact knowledge with sensitivity to balance the emotional needs of the children.
  • Aesthetic building with all modern amenities in 5 acres of lush green garden
  • Efficient team of faculty members
  • Ideal ratio 1 : 26
  • Ultra modern labs
  • Ample internet connectivity
  • Audio Visual teaching.
School Curriculum up to class VII
  • Tamil
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
Conduct and Behaviour
AUROBINDO VIDHYALAYA is very much particular about the conduct and behavior of students both inside and outside the school campus.
Total assessment of the child’s conduct is done using parameters like courtesy and good manners, self discipline, self control, behavior during assembly, prayer, lunch break, punctuality, work ethics attendance etc.,
Examination System
  • For classes I and II the C.C.E. would be spread over the year and at least five assessments would be made during the year
  • Classes III to VII follow the pattern of four formative tests and two summative examinations as directed by C.B.S.E. This is as per continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
  • Part 1 consists of the evaluation of scholastic areas which will be reflected for classes in the form of grade.
  • Part 2 consists of co-scholastic areas where students are assessed in four parts on a five point grading scale.
  • Part 3 consists of co-curricular activities. It has two sub parts to be assessed on a five point grading scale. There will be two terms. The First term will be from April – September and the second term from October – March of the subsequent year.
  • Each term will have two formative and one summative test, Report cards of all examinations, assessment, Will be sent to the parents.
  • The promotion of the child depends on his / her performance throughout the year. If a student is absent for any of the above tests he / she will forgo the marks allotted.
Admission Procedures
The minimum age for admission to LKG, UKG (Montessori) and class 1 is 3, 4, and 5 years respectively as on 31st of July. Parents desirous of getting their children admitted to the School are requested to get their names registered and obtain the prospectus and the application form on Payment of Rs.100/- Registrations do not guarantee admission. The child has to sit for a test and appears for an interview on the stipulated date.
Students coming from other States of India should bring their transfer certificate duly countersigned by A.E.O. / D.E.O of that area.
Transfer Certificate
Transfer Certificate will be issued only on the basis of a written application in the prescribed form and the same will be issued only to those who have settled the dues completely.
The school insists on punctuality, regular attendance, and obedience to the teachers, cleanliness and fidelity to study. Late coming is not permitted.
It is expected that the pupils, their, Parents / guardians and the members of their families will imbibe the message of Aurobindo Vidhyalaya and that each child will become an ideal student. We hope that no disciplinary action needs to be taken against any child. However indiscipline will be nipped in the bud. Disciplinary actions including dismissal will be resorted to only if a student’s conduct and character are found to be harmful to others. Immoral action, grave insubordination, contempt of authorities and wishful damage to school properties or properties of others are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
The Principal will be the authority to take disciplinary action including dismissal of students will with the approval of the Secretary / Management Board.
Pupils who absent themselves from the class, not on medical grounds for 15 working days consecutively and defaulters of tuition fees for 10 working days will be removed from the rolls.