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Greetings from Aurobindo
CBSE envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour at AUROBINDO VIDHYALAYA. We inspire children to achieve a very high standard progressing with their educational journey. With the parnts, we strive to make really.
Welcome to Aurobindo Vidhyalaya
We are delighted that you are considering AUROBINDO VIDHYALAYA for your child's education. The motto "healthy schools" stands for healthy mind and health body.
Every child is born with multiple skills. There is an all rounder in every student, but because of various reasons those skills do not come to frution. We work to correct that wrong. We a team of IIT, IIM Alumni and graduates from some of the best institutes in India, supported by people from different walks of life, bring to you a complete package. Aurobindo Vidhyalaya contributes immensely to the growth of the students by showcasing their latent skills.
we base our work on the path braking research of Dr.howard gardner's "theory of multiple intelligences" which talks extensively about various intelligences in students and the importance of encouraging those skills.
Students will be able to improve their knowledge in different areas like science, number skills, current affairs, health etc, there will be loads of creative activities that would get the creative juices in student flowing. We give importance to showcasing the student's abilities to the world. We assure you through this that the aurobindo vidhyalaya will continuously bring new activities and competitions that will broaden the horizon of every student who lays his/her hand on it.
About the School
  • Apt secured condition for learning
  • Highly experienced Principal and Staffs
  • CBSE Curriculum
  • Modern School with ancient values
  • Individual Care and Attention
  • Communication Skills in English
  • Special care to below average children
  • Personality Development
  • Parent's meeting after each assesment
About us

Our Vision

• To upgrade the system of education as per needs of the society in the ever changing world.
• To help in filling generation gaps and develops all round personality.
• To instill humility and undeterred persuasive skills in goal setting and gaining targets.
• To inculcate the pride of being a worthwhile citizen of the country.
• To be decision makers immaterial of cast, creed, color or race.

Our Team

Our faculty undergo extensive training and have regular workshops for skill improvement.

Why us?

"working together, caring for success" emphasizes our belief to partnership with parents to raise achievements